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SK Carbon Roding GmbH

SK Carbon Roding GmbH specialises in the design and manufacture of components made of fibre-reinforced plastics such as carbon, GFRP or AFRP. „Materials of the future“, as company founder Johann Stangl likes to call these materials. This prompted him and Stefan Kulzer to establish SK Carbon Roding GmbH in 2011.

Identifying lightweight design potentials

Against the background of rising energy costs, lightweight construction is becoming increasingly important. Be it in the automotive industry, energy and medical technology or for the use of sports equipment. Due to its outstanding advantages, the technology based on fibre-reinforced composites offers a wide range of possible applications. Lightness and extreme stability play the most important roles here.

Roding Roadster R1 - the lightweight

Lighter vehicles consume less fuel. This was impressively demonstrated during the development and construction of the "Roding" roadster. The use of the most modern fibre-reinforced composites and manufacturing processes enabled SK Carbon Roding to exploit the full lightweight construction potential - from the body to the exterior.

The result: Thanks to the use of fibre-reinforced plastics such as carbon and GFRP, the Roding was one third lighter than a conventional metal body.

All lightweight components for the fast-paced Roding Roadster were manufactured in-house by SK Carbon Roding GmbH.

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