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Autoklavenfertigung Carbon

SK Carbon Roding GmbH (EN)


Component manufacturing

Component manufacturing

We give shape to fibre-reinforced plastics

In order to meet your requirements consistently and enable cost-optimised manufacturing of fibre-reinforced composite components such as CFRP, various innovative manufacturing methods are used at SK Carbon Roding GmbH:

  • Preform manufacturing
  • Vacuum infusion (VARI)
  • Prepreg presses
  • Autoclave manufacturing

Prototype and single-part manufacturing

For manufacturing small batches economically  or even initial trial parts, we use the VARI (Vacuum Assisted Resin Infusion) method. With our experience and expertise, we can achieve a high degree of quality even with low investment costs.

Series production

For large quantities and consistency in precision and quality at the same time, we offer our customers a computer-aided fibre pre-cut, as well as the tried and tested RTM method (Resin Transfer Moulding).


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