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Giving shape to your ideas

Solutions in fibre-reinforced plastics (CFRP)

Our goal is to turn your idea into reality. To do so, we focus on innovative materials such as Carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP), Glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP) or Aramide fibre reinforced plastic (AFRP).

The industry especially benefits from the advantages of fibre-reinforced composites, because, compared to conventional materials, they have excellent properties:

  • Extremely high-performance materials enable perfect lightweight design
  • Optimal performance to weight ratio
  • Very high weight-specific strength and rigidity
  • High integration options
  • High creative freedom
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Very little thermal expansion

Sectors such as the automotive industry, motor sports, sport & leisure, medical systems, energy, mechanical engineering, etc. bank on these advantages for their products.

SK Carbon Roding GmbH supports you all the way, right from the development, design and production stage up to the final machining of the components, whatever their form or size. This means from the prototype up to series production.




Use of simulation and design software


Tools for prototype and series production in all conceivable sizes


Individual parts up to the series production of fibre-reinforced plastic parts using innovative manufacturing methods


Component trimming, gluing, assembling are just a few of the many possible finishing steps

Ample facilities and an innovative machine park in our composite production process form the basis for the rapid and efficient manufacture of composite components. In order to be optimally equipped for the future and to counter the growing cost pressure, SK Carbon GmbH will continue to invest in state-of-the-art technology as well as in the expertise of its employees.

Are you looking for a customised solution made of fibre-reinforced composites? We will be happy to help you.


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