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Werkzeug- und Formenbau für Carbonbauteile

Tool fabrication

Individual mould construction for your components

Depending on the requirements of the specific product made of fibre-reinforced composites we develop and fabricate the tools for subsequent component manufacturing. In doing so we consider the size, quality and quantity of the final product to be manufactured and accordingly select the most optimal and cost effective manufacturing method.

The extensive and latest machines of the Stangl & Kulzer group are available to us for professional tool making.

Tool manufacturing for prototypes and small batches

At the initial stage of product development, it is often advantageous to opt for cheaper materials for the models. This also applies to small quantities. The functionality of the parts can be checked, and any modifications required can be made for the series production with the cost in mind.

Tool manufacturing for series production

Depending on the quantity and manufacturing process, materials of higher quality can be used for manufacturing tools for series production. Such tools may be made of fibre-reinforced composites or even aluminium. The advantage of these materials is the high resistance to wear, adjustable temperature resistance and, last but not least, the option to integrate the heating media directly in the tool.


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